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Gutter Cleaning & Fascia Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning & Fascia Cleaning

Our Gutter Cleaning and Fascia Cleaning really helps to improve the look of your UPVC Gutters, Fascia and Soffits. Regular cleaning reduces the build-up of dirt and eliminates the risk of permanent staining and that’s why we make every effort to ensure when we leave, it looks its absolute best.


Are you looking for a professional Gutter Cleaning Company?

  • Regular cleaning improves the look of your Fascias and Soffits
  • Regular cleaning reduces build-up of dirt & eliminates the risk of permanent staining
  • Regular cleaning can add value to your property!

Clean Tech cleans Fascias & Soffits on flats, bungalows, houses, hotels, bed ‘n breakfast, stately homes and unique and quirky holiday homes as well as on Airbnb.


Important Facts

Clean Tech provides a unique, local, gutter vacuum cleaning service for our clients.  Customers all benefit from our unique, quick, cost effective, fully self-contained, safe gutter vacuum cleaning system.

We operate from ground level up to 4 storeys high using the latest wireless camera technology for a controlled clean of your guttering so we can see what we are doing and record the results onto a cd for you (subject to a minimum job value).
We use a high-powered gutter cleaning vacuum to remove moss, weeds, pigeon droppings, leaves and just about anything else that lands in roof gutters.

Gutter Cleaning is vital to maintaining the structural integrity and presentation of your premises.

We fully understand the importance of keeping gutters and associated pipes clear of debris; ensuring water is dispersed from the roof area as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Blocked gutters can cause serious damage to your home and property.

However, many property owners overlook gutters, due to the mess involved and access difficulties.

Nevertheless it is a very important part of your property’s weatherproofing system and a few years of neglect can cause decades of regret.

At Clean Tech we recognise the issues of Health & Safety regarding the use of ladders and scaffolding or the impracticalities of placing a hydraulic platform around homes and buildings.

If you can walk round your home or building – we can work there!

At Clean Tech we clean your gutters from ground level, leaving no mess, with no inconvenience, and no expensive scaffolding or hydraulic platforms, plus no time delays seeking necessary temporary planning permission for scaffolding.

Clean Tech can also clean the fascias to remove the build-up of green algae and dirt if required.

We also provide a Commercial Gutter Cleaning Service.

Our commercial gutter cleaning team clean gutters for hotels, schools, shops, churches, guest houses, hotels, industrial units, retail parks and offices.

If your guttering needs cleaning & you are a maintenance company or maintenance manager please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free site survey, trial and quote.

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