Terms and Conditions

Clean Tech reserves the right to make changes to any part of these Terms and Conditions without notice.

These terms and conditions are dated September 23rd 2022 and supersede any other issued.

Please note that calls to Clean Tech may be recorded for quality and training purposes.


By ordering Clean Tech service by telephone, e-mail, fax or through the Clean Tech website the client agrees to be bound by Clean Tech’s terms and conditions. These
terms & conditions are given to the client prior to any works and it is the responsibility of the client to contact Clean Tech should they have any issues in relation to these terms before work commences. Once work has commenced, it is accepted by the client that they have read & understood these terms & conditions in full, and that they have agreed to the quotation given and understand the outcome of the clean explained at such quotation, along with these terms & conditions These terms and conditions shall be governed by the relevant United Kingdom law, and by agreeing to be bound by them the customer agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts of the United Kingdom.


All fragile and breakable items must be secured or removed from the cleaning area by the client before our arrival. Heavy items will not be moved if it is considered unsafe due to health & safety reasons. Any items that are specifically required to be moved that are deemed heavy, must be emptied first by the client before we arrive for the works to be carried out. If this has not been carried out we will clean around the furniture. If the client insists that we move furniture that has not been emptied (and if it is safe to do so) this will be done at the clients own risk. Furniture isn’t designed to be moved whilst full (added weight) and damage can occur i.e. buckling, twisting, legs breaking etc. Therefore Clean Tech accept no responsibility should damage occur in this instance. Further, Clean Tech reserves the right not to be responsible for:-

  • Cleaning job not complete due to the lack of hot water, power; (electricity for power and lighting) and access to the areas at the agreed time.
  • Lack of hot water, non pre vacuumed carpets or a non fully operational oven will incur a 100% charge
  • Third party (pets included) entering or present at the client’s premises during the cleaning process, causing re-soiling damage;
  • wear or discolouring of fabric/fibres becoming more visible once soil has been removed;
  • failing to remove old permanent stains that cannot be removed using standard carpet & upholstery cleaning processes, or odours re-activated from old


It is the responsibility of the client when booking, or at any time between booking and the appointment time, to advise Clean Tech if access to the property is, or becomes, restricted or unavailable due to any of, but not limited to, the following:

  • Parking restrictions
  • Parking permit requirements
  • Double yellow lines
  • Vehicle height access barriers
  • Low level arch ways
  • No vehicle access to the front of the property, e.g. bollards or restrictions.


Clean Tech will provide all cleaning material and equipment to perform the work specified by the client in a professional manner using every care to accomplish a satisfactory level of service. The client agrees to supply access to the work area, all hot water and power for the works to be carried out, failure to supply this may result in a cancellation fee of £100.00 to cover the loss of work, which will then have to be rescheduled at a later date.

Electric Ovens

Cleaning around a roof mounted heating element is very difficult.  Should any liquid get onto the element this may cause it to fail and need replacement. If you really require the roof of the oven to be cleaned you would need to arrange for an electrician to attend prior to our visit in order to remove the heating element and then return to re fit it.

  • Clean Tech will not be responsible for any paint or chrome that flakes away from the surface of the oven or comes off the manufacturers badge

Aga/Rayburn type Ovens

Ovens of this type must be switched off 24 hours before the appointment time to allow them to cool down.  Failure to do so will prevent cleaning.  Should the oven be too hot to clean when we arrive, the cleaning fee will still be payable and due, or where paid in advance there will be no refund.

  • Clean Tech will not be responsible for any paint or chrome that flakes away from the surface of the oven or comes off the manufacturers badge

Carpets. Upholstery etc.

Furnishings are not usually manufactured with the intention that they will need to be cleaned later. This means there are times when furnishings can be cleaned in accordance with generally accepted industry standards, with due diligence and care, yet the appearance of such furnishings can be negatively affected.

Because of the variables involved with the blends of fibres, soiling and environmental conditions that may exist, Clean Tech cannot be held responsible for the following:

  • ageing or deterioration, migrating marks from back of fabrics
  • unstable dyes
  • deteriorated foam cushions
  • restoring white fabrics
  • urine contamination
  • finish or glaze loss
  • frayed piping or welting
  • broken zips
  • breakdown of fabric backing
  • shrinkage
  • removal of stains
  • browning
  • fading
  • water marking
  • yellowing
  • pre-existing wear & tear
  • loose framesllegs
  • nicked wood trim
  • loose or missing buttons.


Loss of colour, change of colour or bleeding of colours (stable dyes) should not occur during professional cleaning as long as the proper cleaning system is used.  Testing & inspection procedures will identify fabrics which could develop normal colour problems during cleaning. Special care cleaning systems will ensure the maximum soil removal possible without risk of colour damage.

Special Note:

Fibres/fabrics which become excessively soiled may not release all soil and stains without risk of damage to colours. Colour problems as well as stains may be hidden by excessive soil and only show up after soil is removed.

Spills. Spot’s & Stains:

We will prior to cleaning ask you about any visible spots and stains and treat them according to your response. Where they are unknown we will use our best judgment and knowledge based on the position, the colour and the size and shape to attempt to determine the problem.

Any areas which have previously been attempted by yourself may have changed from a spot, which is removable, to a stain which may be permanent and not removable. Clean Tech accept no liability for guaranteeing the removal of every spot and stain. Clean Tech will not be responsible for failing to remove old/permanent stains that cannot be removed using normal carpet cleaning methods.

Cleanability Code

Most fabrics have a care label attached to the frame under a seat cushion. These care instructions are for your guidance in the proper maintenance of the item.  However, excessive soil or inadequate maintenance procedures may require a professional cleaning system other than that recommended and will require your permission to do so. Any additional risks or limitations will be discussed for your approval prior to any work commencing and by agreeing to such work Clean Tech will not be responsible for any damage caused.


All carpet edgings and seams should be correctly fitted in normal circumstances. It is the client’s responsibility therefore to ensure this is the case prior to cleaning. If any
edgings or seams are not secure Clean Tech will not accept any responsibility for any loose fibres/yarns subsequently becoming caught in any machinery and being
pulling out due to this existing condition, or for any movement/parting of seams due to deterioration of carpet backing/glues/adhesive tapes.


This can occur when fibres/fabrics made up mostly of natural fibres (except Belgian Wiltons – constructed of synthetic fibres Le. olefin with a natural backing) are exposed to moisture from accidents, maintenance spotting or non professional cleaning attempts. Clean Tech will undertake to avoid any such shrinkage problems by identifying susceptible fabrics/fibres. However, movement/shrinkage can also occur due to poorly fitted/repaired/replaced carpets/seams/edgings. Subsequently Clean Tech will not be responsible for any such movement or shrinkage, due to these existing problems.

Fabric/Leather Deterioration

Fabrics exposed to heavy soil, heavy usage (children, pets etc), or strong light will eventually weaken and deteriorate. Fabrics made up of mostly natural fibres are most sensitive to these conditions.

Waiting Times

Our technicians will wait at the designated address for 15 minutes past the appointment time.  If requested to wait longer a waiting time charge of £45.00 per 15 minutes will apply.

In the event that you are leaving the technician at the property to return later, the technician will advise of the return time required.  Additional waiting time past the advised time will incur an addition charge of £45.00 per 15 minutes

Key Collection/Return

Collection and return of key to or from another address or agent – £15.00


In order to secure an appointment time and date, a £30.00 deposit is required at the time of booking.  The appointment time and date will not be confirmed until the deposit is received.  Should we be unable to arrive within 30 minutes of the agreed time we will telephone to advise.  Should that mean we are unable to carry out the work and unable to agree a future time and date we will then refund the £30.00 deposit but our liability will be limited to the refund of the deposit.


Cancellations should be made at least 48 hours prior to the date and time the work was to be carried out. Cancellations giving less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged for 50% of the original quote or £100.00 whichever is the greater. Where a deposit has been paid, this is non-refundable. Cancellations giving less than 12 hours’ notice will be charged in full. Lack of hot water, non pre vacuumed carpets or a non-fully operational oven be charged in full.  NB. Cancellations will only be accepted when made in by telephone to 01485 609223Other types of contact for cancellation are not acceptable.

Minimum Charge

We have a minimum charge of £100.00

Complaints policy

We always endeavour to provide the best service and products for our customers. However, on rare occasions, we recognise that there may be times where our customers may not be completely satisfied. To ensure we are able to put things rights as soon as we can, you must within 48 hours of completion of our visit to your premises, make us aware of your complaint and allow us the opportunity to resolve the issue. We will respond within 7 days in an endeavour to ensure complete satisfaction. In the unlikely event there is anything you are still not completely satisfied with, please contact us as soon as you can in order that we can rectify any problems as soon as possible.

You can call us on 01485 609223, or email us at jordan@cleantech-norfolk.co.uk and we will provide you with a date to remedy any issues raised.